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5 km In 28:33 Today

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Well today I did a run outside for the first time since I did 16 km back on a warm day back in January, (I think it was January, could have been February). Anyhow, I am glad to be back outside again because running inside is BORING. I don’t mind it but I don’t like staring at the wall or little tv screen when running. I like feeling like I’m actually moving and getting somewhere. I enjoyed the run and it’s about 10 degrees celcius out there right now.

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I hit a new record on the leg press, 22 x 45 lb plates! That’s 990 lbs. Apparently the top part weights 103 lbs without any weight on it. So I’m at 990 + 103 = 1093 lbs. That’s my personal best and I did it for 8 reps. Again before you go, “Uh shut up about your workouts”, please know why I do this. I do it for my own accountability and my own motivation.

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I did my back and bicep workout today. It went well but I find this one seems to take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. I think it’s because I need more rest time in between sets for the bicep part. Also, I had someone comment to me yesterday that “I’m pretty proud of myself, aren’t I?” I wanted to address that in this post. I don’t post this stuff to brag. I post it to motivate people and more importantly for my own accountability. Read more


Did my chest and tricep workout this morning. Nothing special happened besides getting cut off from the ab machine by some old lady. I was clearly standing there waiting to use it when the dude got off, some old lady jumped on it right in front of me. She said, “I’ll only be two minutes”. Yay! I wasn’t waiting to do my last exercise and leave the gym. I’ll just stand here like a moron waiting for you to use the machine.

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I did legs and shoulders today. Good workout, the usual, but consistency is key. One thing that was really neat today was there is an 70 year old man who works out at my gym. I think he used to be a weight lifter. Anyhow, I was doing shoulder presses on the machine beside the leg press machine that he was one. He loaded up 11 45 lb plates on each side! Then he pumped out 4 reps. I admit I was ready to jump and grab the weight if he broke something, but man I was Read more


I hate that line yet I seem to use it as a joke all the time. I think it’s funny! If you watch “the Office” you’ll recognize Dwight who is one of the many who made the line famous. (Well famous enough to have somebody online draw up a neat little image of it I guess).

When I was younger I always struggled to get my arms to grow. My biceps were my weak point. My shoulders were always very responsive and triceps too. But I could never seem to get the biceps to grow. I have since learned how and turns out it was a simple fix. Read more

So today was an easy workout, just 30 minutes on the bike. I love cardio days!

I’m also hard at work coding the all new weight loss tracking system. It’s going to make weight loss failure a thing of the past. I’m trying to make it as easy to use as possible. Right now you will add what you ate and what you did that day along with your weight. Read more

Importance of Rest Days

Rest days are vital to your exercise program. If you don’t rest, you don’t recover and you never change your muscle structure. Well you will change it but they’ll never grow or tone up. I was talking yesterday with a 19 year old kid at the gym and he said he goes 7 days a week and has for the past 4 months. I suggested that he was nuts for doing that. You have to give your body recovery time. Now that doesn’t mean sitting on a couch Read more