5 km In 28:33 Today – That Weight Loss Guy

5 km In 28:33 Today

5 km In 28:33 Today

Well today I did a run outside for the first time since I did 16 km back on a warm day back in January, (I think it was January, could have been February). Anyhow, I am glad to be back outside again because running inside is BORING. I don’t mind it but I don’t like staring at the wall or little tv screen when running. I like feeling like I’m actually moving and getting somewhere. I enjoyed the run and it’s about 10 degrees celcius out there right now.

I am planning on a doing a half marathon at Disneyland and another at Disneyworld next year so I need to get my endurance up there. Half a marathon is huge and I think it’s about 22 km. That’s 13 miles or you US guys and gals. Anybody out there done one? How did you train? I’m planning on dropping a bit more weight as I’m lugging around 240 lbs right now and although it’s far better then when I weighed 340 lbs, I think I could go even faster if I dropped down to about 225 or 220 even for the summer.

The last issue I’m having is the skin thing. It seems to be shrinking back nicely in all areas except my stomach. It’s not horrible. It’s not sagging or anything, but I can feel my abs under the lower part and want those babies to show!

Anyhow, did you do a run today? Let’s hear about it, post a comment below if you have.



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