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Back To The Updates!

Back To The Updates!

Hey! I haven’t disappeared, I’ve been doing my workouts religiously. I have cut back on the cardio a bit though. The good part is volleyball and basketball season is starting in the next couple weeks so that’s 3 sports nights per week. That’ll help with the cardio. I do go for the odd run still about once a week or so if I have time, but my focus has been on the weights. I love how you can make your body look how ever you want with weights. It’s fun and a real stress reliever for me. Anyhow here’s my workout from Monday of this week, today I didn’t do much and tomorrow I’ll hit the weights again.

Monday October 7th, 2013


  • Olmypic bar drop sets, 335 lbs for 3 reps then drop 2 45 lb plates off and do 5 more reps
  • Cable flys
  • Decline cable bench presses
  • Cable pull overs


  • Incline bench straight bar cable extensions
  • Rope pulls overhead with cable
  • Reverse cable one arm extensions
  • Dips


  • Forearm reverse curls with bar


  • 3 x 25 straight bar rotations
  • 3 x 25 side bends
  • 3 x 25 ab crunches on the machine

I think I need a new ab routine though. This one is getting results but I want to get better abs.


Did you workout today? If you didn’t why not!?!?!


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