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Hey I’m back! It’s been a while but guess what. I’m fat again! I kept that weight off for a long time, but recently had my 5th daughter and dutifully gained weight yet again during a pregnancy.

So now it’s time to take it off.

This time I want to take the weight off WITH YOU!

If you’re thinking about losing weight. Then join me on this webinar:


I’m going to lay out my plan of attack and my goal is to help anyone else who wants to join me.

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Hey! I haven’t disappeared, I’ve been doing my workouts religiously. I have cut back on the cardio a bit though. The good part is volleyball and basketball season is starting in the next couple weeks so that’s 3 sports nights per week. That’ll help with the cardio. I do go for the odd run still about once a week or so if I have time, but my focus has been on the weights. I love how you can make your body look how ever you want with weights. It’s fun and a real stress reliever for me. Read more