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Did You Get Your Tickets To The Gun Show?

Did You Get Your Tickets To The Gun Show?

I hate that line yet I seem to use it as a joke all the time. I think it’s funny! If you watch “the Office” you’ll recognize Dwight who is one of the many who made the line famous. (Well famous enough to have somebody online draw up a neat little image of it I guess).

When I was younger I always struggled to get my arms to grow. My biceps were my weak point. My shoulders were always very responsive and triceps too. But I could never seem to get the biceps to grow. I have since learned how and turns out it was a simple fix.

Anyhow, did my back and biceps today and this workout is always my longest one by far. I think it’s because the back is such an involved muscle with some many different muscles in there. There’s a lot of exercises you can do for it but I like to keep to 4 per workout. Deadlifts seem to take the longest as it’s a lot of weight and requires a bit more time in between sets to rest and recover. Not sure why but it seems to always take about 2 hours to complete.

Here it is:


  • Olympic bar curls
  • Cable 21’s
  • Concentration curls
  • One arm standing cable curls


  • Deadlifts
  • Back extensions with 35 lb plate
  • Reverse grip pull ups
  • Cable rows


  • Forearm curls with bar


  • 3 x 25 ab machine crunches
  • 3 x 25 side bends with 45 lb plate

What did you do today? Did you post it in your blog yet?



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