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Does The Zerona Laser Treatment Really Work?

Does The Zerona Laser Treatment Really Work?

Check this youtube vidoe out for the Zerona Laser on the TV show “The Doctors”:

Zerona laser weight loss removal. Now this sounds to me like Star Wars type stuff. They’re going to use a laser to take fat off people’s bodies?

Maybe I’m a skeptic but I think this is baloney. I’m not saying it won’t take fat off, I’m sure it does, (does it stink like burning rubber when they do it?). I’m saying it’s a short term magic pill type weight loss gimmick that will do nothing for you long term. What do you do when you’re done the surgery? (Is it even surgery?). Do you just keep going back for more and more treatments as you gain back all that weight they just burned off your body?

Weight loss is a lifestyle and requires effort. If you try to skip the effort part, you’re going to be on a weight loss rollercoaster for the rest of your life. You cannot keep weight off without changing your habits, exercising and eating better. So people who eat like crap all the time cannot expect to magically keep those pounds off just by getting a laser treatment, sorry it doesn’t work that way.

I found some results on google about the “zerona laser” and here they are:

Weight Loss Clinic Closes

The one above is about a clinic closing but it does give a bit of information on the laser treatment including the cost being about $5,000. I thought this was interesting:

Tammy says the program does work. “There were definitely results,” she said.

Clients are required to follow an exercise and dietary regimen as part of the treatments.

But here’s the flaw in that. Clients who are seeking easy fixes are NOT going to stick to exercise and a dietary regimen. They could have done that in the first place to lose the weight, keep it off and save $5,000. I’ll do some more research on the Zerona Laser but my gut says it’s not a good idea. Bear in mind I’m not a professional, have no designations and my opinion is only that. I just subscribe to the common sense weight loss approach where you eat, exercise and rest consistently to lose it and keep it off.

This laser apparently perforates the fat cells in the target area, which starts the fat leaking out. Then the body flushes out the fat through the lymphatic system. I have no clue what that means to be honest, but people like Dr. Oz have apparently touted this thing on his show. That means the masses will want it no matter what, so the Zerona Laser is the weight loss method of the week.

I did say it cost $5,000 but now I’m getting reports that it can range from $1,000 to $5,000 depnding on what exactly you get and how many treatments. Has anybody tried this? What happened? Happy? Not happy? Let me know!


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