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Leg & Shoulder Workout & 30 Minutes Of Cardio

Leg & Shoulder Workout & 30 Minutes Of Cardio

Today was legs and shoulders at the gym. I did 515 lbs for 3 reps for the last set of my squats. That’s 5 plates and a 10 lb plate on each side. The bar seriously bends when I do them but the bars are meant to bend a bit and come right back. The other day one of the workers at the gym gave me crap for not putting those little collar things on the bar. I did, but I don’t normally for squats since they’re not necessary at all. I don’t drop the weight ever! I did see a kid trying to do 4 45 lb plates on each side one day and he lifted it off the rack then dropped it to the safety rack which was about 1.5 feet off the floor. It was a wicked BANG and the whole gym stopped to look to see if the kid was injured! Thankfully he wasn’t, but he hasn’t tried that much weight again.

Oh, I also did 30 minutes of cardio, (recline stationary bike), at the end of today’s workout. Cardio is a good thing and very necessary to keep the metabolism running on all cylinders.

Here’s my workout:


  • Tri-set bent over one arm cable, standing one arm cable, forward one arm cable
  • Rope pulls through the legs forward
  • Shoulder presses


  • Squats
  • Leg extensions
  • Leg curls
  • Tri-set for calves (standing one leg with 75 lb dumbell in hand)


  • Behind the back olympic bar curls


  • 3 x 25 Straight bar twists
  • 3 x 25 Straight leg raises on mat
  • 3 x 25 One side crunches on mat, (both sides)

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