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Today was legs and shoulders at the gym. I did 515 lbs for 3 reps for the last set of my squats. That’s 5 plates and a 10 lb plate on each side. The bar seriously bends when I do them but the bars are meant to bend a bit and come right back. The other day one of the workers at the gym gave me crap for not putting those little collar things on the bar. I did, but I don’t normally for squats since they’re not necessary at all. I don’t drop the weight ever! I did see a kid trying to do 4 45 lb plates on each side one day Read more


This was a long workout. Took about 2 hours to complete and man was it ever hot in there. I think being almost summer the air conditioner doesn’t quite kick on yet. It’s good for weight loss though, lots of sweat. Wednesdays are typically still kinda busy, but it’s bearable after 10:30 am. Most tend to leave by then and the place gets empty. Nothing worse then waiting forever for a bench or bar or machine!

Tonight I play baseball, Read more


Last Couple Days & A Return To Jogging!

I did work out 3 times last week but I did my legs and shoulders on Sunday of this week. I took Friday off. Golfing was on Saturday too that was fun and a great workout. I love golf even though I’m not the best. (IF I break 100 to 95 I’m pretty happy with that round). I have noticed my drives are going a bit farther though. I am not the most flexible guy but I do have Read more


Today was chest & triceps today. I had to adjust slightly since the bench press was being “hogged”. It seems that Mondays are way busier then any other day. I guess people really want to start the day off on the right foot, can’t blame them for that. Tomorrow I’ll be going for a run as it’s supposed to be rain-less. Here’s what I did:

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So I’ll do a multiple update today since I haven’t updated since last Wednesday, I have been working out though! I’ve been doing my weights and cardio like usual as you’ll see below.

Baseball season started and we just finished our volleyball season, (lost in the Semis). I play outfield so I do get a little workout sometimes but we’re not in an ultra Read more


This morning was back & biceps day at the gym. It’s neat how the gym just seems to empty out around 10:30 am. All the people who come in the morning for an early workout are gone and the noon crowd hasn’t got there yet. It’s very quiet during this period. But that’s all good!

I’m playing my first baseball game of the season tonight, so that’ll be my cardio. Read more


Chest and triceps today. Yesterday was a holiday and today is my birthday so it’s a birthday workout! The gym was a little busier then normal but I hit a new personal best. I did 335 lbs on the bench press for 3 reps. I was pretty happy with that. It’s not the cleanest bench press but it’s up there. I do as many as I can then drop a plate from each side. Anyhow here’s my workout:

Chest: Read more


Today was back & biceps at the gym. Took just under 2 hours and it was really hot in there. I meant to tell you in the last post but a guy was trying to squats on Monday with WAY TOO MUCH WEIGHT. He had 4 45 lb plates on each side, got under it and BOOM they hit the saftey rack. He dropped like a rock. The whole gym stopped and looked because we though the kid was dead. Good thing he was very flexible because the safety rack was only about 2 feet off the ground. He was super embarassed Read more


I haven’t stopped! I just forgot to post my updates. I haven’t skipped any workouts in the past 2 weeks. Life got busy though so I’m back to posting again now. My bench press is going up still. I can do almost 4 reps at 315 lbs now. Here’s my workout for the day:


  • Olmypic bar drop sets, 315 lbs for 2 reps then drop 2 45 lb plates off and do 6 more reps
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I did chest and triceps today. The workout seemed to fly by even though the gym was PACKED. There is nothing worse then waiting forever for a machine or bench or cables. UHHHHH!!! I’m not sold on the value of the sidebends yet. I think the rotations I was doing before were getting better results. But it’s a totally different exercise and targets a different area I guess.

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