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Today I did two workouts, my weights and cardio in one day. I think I felt a little twinge in my right ankle, (the tendon), but nothing major. It’s flared up before in the past.

The only real change to my leg workout was I did leg presses with one leg at a time this time. I thought I’d mix it up. If I had more time I would have done the two legged jump up Read more


Sorry for not updating you guys but I thought I’d do a 3 in 1 post today. I have been working out and doing my cardio daily, I just didn’t get a chance to post it all. So here goes!

The wicked head cold I had for about a week seems to be gone now. I continued working out with it daily.

Anyhow, Read more


When you’re sick, working out and running is not fun. I caught some flu/cold bug that all my kids have and it has knocked me out for the past couple days. So today I’m heading back to the gym to do my shoulder and leg workout, plus do 30 minutes on the bike to make up for my missed days. I did play basketball on Thursday night but only played about 50% of the game due to illness. We lose 54-50 and have one game left now. Working out or doing anything when sick is not Read more


Well unlike triceps, I love doing biceps! This is one of my favorite workouts although it tends to take just shy of 2 hours now. I really enjoy the bicep part and my arms are dead tired by the time I get to my back exercises, (which require arm usage of course!).

Last night I played basketball for cardio, it was a good game, had about 8 offensive rebounds! We won and it’s the finals so one more win and we won our league. Read more


I’m not sure why but I really don’t like doing triceps. I think they’re my least favorite body to workout. Sure they compliment the arms and biceps, but working them is just BORING to me. I do however love working my chest out. It’s probably one of my favorite parts besides shoulders, biceps and legs. (AKA the rest of my body!). What’s your least favorite part to workout? Here’s what I did:

Chest: Read more


I forgot to post this yesterday but I did do shoulders and legs. Shoulders are probably my favorite body part to workout. Not sure why but I enjoy doing them. Back when I was younger I never did legs. I paid for that as my knees went bad later in life and I had chicken legs big time. Now I don’t have huge legs at all but they’re not of the chicken variety. Lastly I’ve almost got the tracking system down and am very excited to unveil it. Read more


I was reading this article for some reason, (can’t remember what I was looking for at the time), It’s Harder For Women To Lose Weight. I’m not a woman so I’m going to delve into this from my male point of view. I could be wrong but here goes anyway. I think it’s harder for women to lose weight. I’m speaking in general terms and I understand there will be exceptions to every rule, but that’s what I think. Why would I think this? Read more


No that’s not me in the thumbnail beside this. That’s Hugh Jackman. That guy is huge and has worked very hard to achieve his results. I did my usual back and bicep workout today. It went well, no real problems. The gym was pretty empty and I kinda like it that way. I took the kids to the gym too and they did a “mini Y” class
while I worked out. It was a good start to a great day! Here’s my workout:

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I’ve got basketball tonight in the men’s league and it’s near the end of the season for us. Although most of us are living our glory days again, it is a competitive league and a great cardio workout. So that’s what I wanted to post quickly about today. You don’t have to go for a long run or jog to do cardio. There’s lots of things you can do besides running. I’ve compiled a little list of ideas for you below: Read more


Well today was chest and triceps so I did 3 45 lb plates on each side. I can only like 1.5 to 2 reps at this weight but I do that then drop a 45 off each side and do 6 with 2 45’s on each side for the rest of the set. I’ve found that I can really ramp up my weight by doing sets like this. But one thing I’m finding is I’m burning out on the last half of the second rep! Oh well, that’s a good thing I guess as the muscle is toast by the time I get to the lighter last 6 reps.

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