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I’ve been busy! I did my workout on Monday, Tuesday & Today. I thought I’d put them all into one post and make the update that way again. I’ve got a wicked head cold and had two choices. First I could have used that as an excuse and NOT worked out. But I took the second option, I worked out and ran 5 km yesterday then worked out again this morning. I think that being sick is just an excuse. Your body CAN still function even if you have a wicked head cold. I just proved it and have done it before. I also switched Read more


This morning was back & biceps day at the gym. It’s neat how the gym just seems to empty out around 10:30 am. All the people who come in the morning for an early workout are gone and the noon crowd hasn’t got there yet. It’s very quiet during this period. But that’s all good!

I’m playing my first baseball game of the season tonight, so that’ll be my cardio. Read more


Today was back & biceps at the gym. Took just under 2 hours and it was really hot in there. I meant to tell you in the last post but a guy was trying to squats on Monday with WAY TOO MUCH WEIGHT. He had 4 45 lb plates on each side, got under it and BOOM they hit the saftey rack. He dropped like a rock. The whole gym stopped and looked because we though the kid was dead. Good thing he was very flexible because the safety rack was only about 2 feet off the ground. He was super embarassed Read more


Sorry for not updating you guys but I thought I’d do a 3 in 1 post today. I have been working out and doing my cardio daily, I just didn’t get a chance to post it all. So here goes!

The wicked head cold I had for about a week seems to be gone now. I continued working out with it daily.

Anyhow, Read more


Well unlike triceps, I love doing biceps! This is one of my favorite workouts although it tends to take just shy of 2 hours now. I really enjoy the bicep part and my arms are dead tired by the time I get to my back exercises, (which require arm usage of course!).

Last night I played basketball for cardio, it was a good game, had about 8 offensive rebounds! We won and it’s the finals so one more win and we won our league. Read more


No that’s not me in the thumbnail beside this. That’s Hugh Jackman. That guy is huge and has worked very hard to achieve his results. I did my usual back and bicep workout today. It went well, no real problems. The gym was pretty empty and I kinda like it that way. I took the kids to the gym too and they did a “mini Y” class
while I worked out. It was a good start to a great day! Here’s my workout:

Read more


I hate that line yet I seem to use it as a joke all the time. I think it’s funny! If you watch “the Office” you’ll recognize Dwight who is one of the many who made the line famous. (Well famous enough to have somebody online draw up a neat little image of it I guess).

When I was younger I always struggled to get my arms to grow. My biceps were my weak point. My shoulders were always very responsive and triceps too. But I could never seem to get the biceps to grow. I have since learned how and turns out it was a simple fix. Read more

Back & Biceps

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Had a great workout today. My back is still a little tender from moving a 300 lb elliptical into my basement on the weekend, but it’s getting better daily. That’s the thing with working out, you seem to recover a lot faster then you would if you were not! Read more