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So today I figured I’d do another multiple day update. School seems to out so the gym is now packed with high school kids. That is not a good time but they typically stop going after a couple days and their workouts are very short and sweet. I think I counted 15 of them in the one room on Tuesday though. Yikes. That’s way too many. I have no problem with them other then they take up all the weights and space!

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I’m not sure why but I really don’t like doing triceps. I think they’re my least favorite body to workout. Sure they compliment the arms and biceps, but working them is just BORING to me. I do however love working my chest out. It’s probably one of my favorite parts besides shoulders, biceps and legs. (AKA the rest of my body!). What’s your least favorite part to workout? Here’s what I did:

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Did my chest and tricep workout this morning. Nothing special happened besides getting cut off from the ab machine by some old lady. I was clearly standing there waiting to use it when the dude got off, some old lady jumped on it right in front of me. She said, “I’ll only be two minutes”. Yay! I wasn’t waiting to do my last exercise and leave the gym. I’ll just stand here like a moron waiting for you to use the machine.

Oi! Why not just let me go when I’ve been waiting. I hate it when that happens, no biggie though. Read more