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Hey! I haven’t disappeared, I’ve been doing my workouts religiously. I have cut back on the cardio a bit though. The good part is volleyball and basketball season is starting in the next couple weeks so that’s 3 sports nights per week. That’ll help with the cardio. I do go for the odd run still about once a week or so if I have time, but my focus has been on the weights. I love how you can make your body look how ever you want with weights. It’s fun and a real stress reliever for me. Read more


Another multi day update. I did double workouts for the past two as I was very busy and couldn’t squeeze in my cardio during the day so I did 30 minutes on the bike after each of the past two workouts. It takes a lot longer but it works well! One thing I did is increase the resistance on the bike to make my 30 minutes more effective. I used to set it at 5 for the “effort” setting but set it at 10 for the last two. I burned TWICE as many calories with this simple adjustment. Read more


I did chest and triceps today. The workout seemed to fly by even though the gym was PACKED. There is nothing worse then waiting forever for a machine or bench or cables. UHHHHH!!! I’m not sold on the value of the sidebends yet. I think the rotations I was doing before were getting better results. But it’s a totally different exercise and targets a different area I guess.

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