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Last Couple Days & A Return To Jogging!

I did work out 3 times last week but I did my legs and shoulders on Sunday of this week. I took Friday off. Golfing was on Saturday too that was fun and a great workout. I love golf even though I’m not the best. (IF I break 100 to 95 I’m pretty happy with that round). I have noticed my drives are going a bit farther though. I am not the most flexible guy but I do have Read more


Today was chest & triceps today. I had to adjust slightly since the bench press was being “hogged”. It seems that Mondays are way busier then any other day. I guess people really want to start the day off on the right foot, can’t blame them for that. Tomorrow I’ll be going for a run as it’s supposed to be rain-less. Here’s what I did:

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This morning was back & biceps day at the gym. It’s neat how the gym just seems to empty out around 10:30 am. All the people who come in the morning for an early workout are gone and the noon crowd hasn’t got there yet. It’s very quiet during this period. But that’s all good!

I’m playing my first baseball game of the season tonight, so that’ll be my cardio. Read more


I did legs and shoulders today. Good workout, the usual, but consistency is key. One thing that was really neat today was there is an 70 year old man who works out at my gym. I think he used to be a weight lifter. Anyhow, I was doing shoulder presses on the machine beside the leg press machine that he was one. He loaded up 11 45 lb plates on each side! Then he pumped out 4 reps. I admit I was ready to jump and grab the weight if he broke something, but man I was Read more